project | Com Hem villafiber

A campaign site built for Swedish internet provider Com Hem. The scope of the site is to inform the user about broadband fiber and in the end convert the browsing user to a customer. Through integration with an API the potential user can get a quick response to whether or not the service is available on the requested address and which type of service comes in question.

After the check the user is directed to the correct part of the site and will be taken on an easy to follow tour of the product and a seamless order experience. From start we built the campaign with a mobile user in mind. All the way from font size and button size to minimizing text input in all forms.

Technical description

Single Page Application built using the Aurelia framework. The main purpose of using this kind of framework in this case is to improve the user experience. A fast and snappy user interface is never to be underestimated. In this day and age the competing experiences are not only other web pages but also highly optimised rich native applications. That means that the performance expectations for our app is based on standards set by others. In this case for example there is a lot of traffic driven to the site from Facebook. Facebook users are in general mobile bound (90% in our case) using the native Facebook application. This means that the bar is set very high by Facebook when the user is navigated to our site. If we then delivered a page with a second of loading time or more for each page we would lose a lot of users fast. That's why we used the SPA route this time around, knowing that each millisecond makes a difference.