project | Kompistestet

Together with Viking Line we developed the webapp Kompistestet. Through collecting information from a user's Facebook account, the user received his/her "ultimate cruise buddy". The user could share the result to his/her cruise buddy's Facebook profile.

The campaign was a great success and over 90,000 people participated. The spread was over 2,5 million people (impressions).

We believe the user experience contributed to the result. Roughly 75% of the participants participated via mobile.

Technical description

Goal: Least possible user interaction to recieve their result. Each step was automatic. Short, explanatory content to avoid the user having to scroll in the mobile UI. Short loading times through a lightweight app with fast UX as the primary demographic were mobile users.

Result: By utilizing the MEAN-stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) we keep the communication between front-end and back-end to a minimum. This resulted in a performant user experience. The initial request takes care of rendering the first view, after which Angular takes over view rendering client-side.