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Generally when deciding to post a case to your site one tends to pick the cases that are a little bit out of the ordinary. This time we chose to highlight a project that belongs on the other side of the spectrum. An everyday bread and butter case without complex business intelligence or animations out of the ordinary.

Still taking pride in creating a top notch digital experience. That includes as always a well working user experience and a desire to, just like Ricky Bobby, go fast!

For the mobile user we did away with the ‘hamburger’ menu. Giving the user one click integration to all aspekts of the site.

Technical description

The choice to go static for this one was quite easy. No back-end required = static. The benefits of static are among others security and speed.

We created a custom build using Webpack to create a static site with mifnified resources such as JavaScript and CSS. The build also handle image optimisation. Both of these making performance enhancements i.e. giving more speed and an improved user experience.

The bottom line is that no matter the size of the project we always go the extra mile to create the best product possible.