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In collaboration with Holy Diver, we built a web application for JM that serves to simplify the process of informing their employees and private contractors about rules and guidelines for their work environment. The application replaced the obnoxious way of sending emails and dealing out papers to employees with a simple and straight-forward web interface.

Our mindset was set to maximize readability, efficiency and user experience in order to minimize the amount of accidents happening in the workplace. It's an honest and welcome project that we take very seriously.

At the time of writing, the application had 4,366 registered users.

Technical description

The application revolves around a very simple and straight-forward user experience. Every piece of content is hooked up to a dead-simple administrative CMS. The best part about it is that everything is synchronized in real-time. If an administrator edits some text somewhere, it will show up in real-time for every person viewing that page without having to refresh.

The application is built using Angular as its front-end framework, Meteor as a fullstack framework with MongoDB as the primary data store. Since the data isn't relational, MongoDB is perfect for this kind of application. The application supports three different languages, although we wanted to use i18n for this we found out that the applications did differ a lot when it came to content and markup structure - so we ended up branching the application into three separate projects, each respectively deriving from a master branch where global changes was made.

The project was a success, there's been minimal errors and not a single unexpected failure - hopefully thanks to our extended testing and optimization period we recently introduced to all upcoming projects!