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Digitalizing everything: A success story

Rabalder Media has had a vision of transforming traditional, non-digital solutions to 1’s & 0’s. Being the web entusiasts that we are has led us to a lot of interesting projects from reputable & professional agencies.

Our latest project has been introduced in collaboration with Holy Diver - a web application for one of the largest and most successful construction companies JM - in an effort to simplify their internal training to achieve a better work environment. Before being able to enter one of JM’s construction sites, a training course must be taken. We’ve digitalized and simplified this course, making it possible to finalize the course through the application.

Digitalization is not the goal in itself, the priority is to increase the usefulness for both users as well as administrators. The simplicity for the user was achieved through enchanced user experience and instructions through videos produced by Holy Diver.

Collaboration with Rabalder has been good and their understanding about this type of digitalization has helped us a lot along the way.

  • Carina Åberg, Holy Diver The Site Manager is the person getting most value out of the application - whom can re-prioritize their focus away from adminstrative tasks regarding the course. Examples of such tasks can be making sure the course has been taken, notifying about missed courses and distribution of certificates. This is now all taken care of by the applications.

In other words, a project of our taste!