We’re looking for curious developers with a sharp eye for JavaScript. The most important characteristic we’re looking at is if you’re eager to learn and want to try new technologies. Rabalder Media hardly ever stands still in terms of technology and we want you to help us choose the right path to move forward on. The minimum requirement is that you’ve worked extensively with JavaScript and know your way around the language, along with basic Git knowledge. Do check out our current stack and see if you find any match.

Merits if any of the items below matches you:

  • Experience with Node.js, MongoDB/CouchDB, Redis/Aerospike & Neo4j/PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with Aurelia/Angular/React/etc.
  • Experience with Stylus/LESS/SASS and Jade.
  • Tried out ES6 & ES7.
  • Understands the concept of Isomorphic code & Reactive Programming.
  • Experience with Gulp/Grunt/Webpack and understands how they work.
  • Good understanding of how the browser works (headers, protocols, etc).
  • Experience with the Meteor framework is very valuable to us.
  • Experience with native app development using Apache Cordova.
  • Experience with optimizing for performance, stability & security.
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator & UX.
  • Even if you don’t have experience with any of the above but only the bare minimum, don’t be afraid to apply if you’re a fast learner we’re sure you’ll catch on real quick.
  • Education is always a plus, but we value self-taught developers equally as that shows passion and dedication.

With Rabalder Media, you’ll get the chance to develop your skills and learn lots of new ones. You’ll be working closely with everyone on our team, sit in Google Hangouts/Teamspeak throught the day chatting with the team about anything & everything. Our team is very nice, open and laid back - just be yourself.

Schedule is standard office hours (Swedish timezone) and we appreciate ability to work from our office but it is not required. We have extensive experience with co-workers working remotely. We are currently only looking for Swedish candidates.