Spring 2016 review



The first half of 2016 has now past and we felt a ’need’ to summarise the year so far.

As usual the technical advances in the development field are moving in a ridiculous speed and the team has not only been busy producing projects for our clients but also exploring the new things rising on the horizon. JavaScript has for some time now been our main focus and the things made possible lately has made the programming language the key element in our development process. But the high demand on speed, probably the most overlooked factor in web projects, has gotten people looking at other options. Among languages that we have studied for future use is GoLang among others. … technical details for gaoling…. The future is going to be fast and we are ready to take part.

In order to keep up with the new things to come we have been busy recruiting. Two new developers have joined our team. Johannes and André.
Johannes is a full stack developer engineer with a passion for all things web and a deep interest in details and performance improvement. Never satisfied with ’good enough’ and always looking under the hood to get a full understanding. We took André straight from university because of his solid base in programming and his knowledge in things to come. Both André and Johannes are to no surprise passionate gamers. Apart from our development team we have also strengthend the marketing side with our new project manager Sara. She has a long background in the media circus working for among others Bonniers.

Naturally we have produces a lot of interesting projects during 2016. For our long time partner Viking Line a new campaigns was created using Instagram as a base. Creating digital content for Viking Line has always been a pleasure since their target audience is highly motivated and have high engagement to participate.

An old contact contacted us at his new position at Com Hem. They where in need of a site to communicate, inform and drive new business. We were happy to help. A big part of the focus was on creating at great UI and UX to give the user an easy overview and to make the conversion as seamless as possible. Together with a team from Herlin&Widergren we think we solved the task given to us. You can se the results here (link).

Other noteworthy cases and clients are Scania and Prime among others.

Talking about old contacts. Our previous business developer Daniel contacted us at his new position at Nyheter24. One of their customers, telecom provider VImla, was in need of some digital knowledge and we helped them build a quiz application.

We are always happy when old contacts return to us as we see this a great review of our competence and production level.

A long and dedicated focus on our server solutions resulted in some server specific projects for telecom gigant Bredbandsbolaget. In short handling large amount of traffic using cache to reduce the server load.

As a final note we can add that to be part of the global digital community in 2016 is a rewarding and stimulating journey. We look forward to future endeavours.