A programmer's vision for Rabalder Media



So, this is my first blog post and I’m really excited to what response I’ll get! A bit about me: my name is Tom, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been a programmer for Rabalder Media for the last two years. I code some of the front-end logic, all of the back-end logic and handle our server infrastructure and technical solutions. I’m also a gamer!

I often ask myself; Why Rabalder Media, Tom? And truth be told, Rabalder Media is badass! How? Well, for starters we have a completely different approach to what a web development agency really is. We are honest, transparent and realistic. We are not shy about speaking our minds and you’ll have a taste of that in this blog post.

The big difference between Rabalder Media and other agencies are that we are an army of few - a few professionals that are insanely good at what we do - whatever it may be. Take Johan for example - my fellow front-end co-programmer - he’s an amazing designer with very broad knowledge in the field, something you rarely find in designers. He’s also the hybrid type of person, he has good understanding of how both programmers and business-people think like and adapts very well to that, even though he’s a programmer himself. Or John and Sara, our hyper-active project managers that gives me the pleasure to work with awesome and really fun projects, having kept my interest at its peak for the last two years.

People like this are valuable. We all love our jobs and we all have a huge interest in the field. Time and time again I see other agencies having employees that work there simply because they need to have a job. They’re not interested in the field. In 9/10 cases, this results in bad projects, bad management and generally unhappy employees. Rabalder Media on the other hand are actively looking for people that loves doing what we do, and we are making sure that every employee is happy with the current course we’re taking. And that is why Rabalder Media is badass!

My Vision for Rabalder Media

The web is going through a revolution. Whether you like it or not the web is sooner or later going to replace native apps. How do you know this? you may ask. Because I have a huge interest in the field, I am actively following literally everything that is planned for the web. All the new and planned technologies are pointing towards capabilities that native apps have that the browser currently doesn’t have, but will get in the future. My vision for Rabalder Media is that we are going to be on the cutting edge of these new technologies and be one of the very first few to offer web applications that both feels and acts the same way as native apps.

At the moment, we have the resources to build huge applications with great user experience capable of handling massive amounts of traffic, with our very small team. The only thing holding us back from doing this is that companies are stuck in the old way of thinking. You do not need a development team of 20 developers to build a huge web application anymore, at least not with the technologies we use and personell we have. Our 3-man development team is more than capable of doing this, as we’re specialists in our fields.

The key to finding good employees is to be realistic. You can’t expect a developer to put on a suit and attend all your meetings with confidence. Many of the very best developers has paid their price for becoming that good, and you can probably figure out what that is if you’re being realistic. It’s the same with any other role in your company.